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Where curiosity leads and a love of learning follows.

Love of Learning caters to every learner's style through engaging online and hands-on offline lessons and activities. One affordable membership. Limitless learning for your entire family.
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Do You Have a Limitless Learner?

Relentless Curiosity

Limitless learners may venture beyond their curriculum, investigating subjects of their own interest, always asking questions and seeking out answers.

Fast Learner

You may notice that your child assimilates and processes information relatively quickly, rapidly outpacing standard curriculum material.

Voracious Knowledge Consumption

Most limitless learners will show a great love for reading and/or documentaries, often about varied and complex topics.

Diverse Interests

Limitless learners may exhibit interests in a wide array of subjects, often diving deep into topics ranging from traditional subjects to niche areas like entomology or astrophysics.

Advanced Understanding

Limitless learners often surprise you with insights or observations at a level that seems beyond their age or grade level.

Interaction with Knowledge

Limitless learners don't merely absorb knowledge but actively engage with information, often transforming it in creative or novel ways.



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Before Joining

Lesson Planning Overload: Struggling under the weight of lesson and activity planning while keeping up with your child's ever-evolving interests.
Curriculum Stress: Spending countless hours bridging the gap left at the end of your "school day," striving to maintain your child's eagerness and inquisitive spirit.
Limited Variety: Wrestling with pricey, often non-secular supplements that don't cater to the multifaceted needs of your learner.
Juggling Three Roles: Balancing the roles of innovative teacher, attentive parent, and dedicated professional, all while sacrificing much-deserved personal time.

After Joining

Curated Exploration: Embrace a growing library of lessons and activities designed for limitless learners at your fingertips, making learning effortless yet exceptionally engaging.
Seamless Extension: Bask in the joy of daily educational adventures that serve as the perfect extension to your child's curriculum, all tailored to nurture their boundless curiosity.
Unlimited Access: Delight in an affordable family membership full of secular educational resources -- a treasure trove that caters to every learning style and interest.
Empowered Partnership: Breathe easy as Love of Learning steps in to support your integral role, empowering you to efficiently manage your responsibilities.

Don't Take Our Word For It

She is lighthearted and laughs often with the children. My son appreciates that Heather asks the learners what they want to learn about in the future and then she will create a class based on their interests.
Heather has a magical way of finding topics that are perfect for curious learners. My son typically chooses Heather's science offerings but is now willing to take anything she is teaching.
My son recently told me Ms. Heather is not only his favorite teacher but one of his close friends. This is a testament to Heather’s warmth and friendliness.
Heather is a phenomenal instructor who has so much experience, insight, and wisdom to share. She tailors these sessions to the interests of the students with whom she is working.
I really like Heather. My son has a lot of fun with her. She really makes the class fun, and he will definitely continue to learn with her.
Heather was super engaging, and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed her class! We look forward to expanding on what we learned.

One affordable membership. Limitless learning for your entire family.

No credit card required. Full membership: $14.99/month/family.